"Find a job you like, and you will never work again!"

What are we looking for

We at Bizinfinitas firmly believe that our employees should share our company values. We are looking for hard-working, dedicated, creative, and eager minds. Working for us will be a lot of challenge as we constantly throw new learning experiences at our engineers. However, this helps you in becoming a well-rounded engineer who not only has technical expertise but also appreciates the fact that business drives software, and not vice-versa.

Currently we have openings for Java Developers, preferably with working knowledge of "Enterprise Java" technologies.

What do we offer

Our understanding is that an employee-company relationship is reciprocal. As much as we seek high qualities from our employees, we also believe that our employees deserve our loyalty. Besides providing regular benefits like healthcare and vacations, we offer bonuses to our employees based on their performance. We provide flexible hours of work as well as flexibility in the location of work. We offer remote login as well as VPN services for engineers to work from any place at anytime. Happy employees are the most productive employees!